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Giddy Up N' Go is not a long distance hauler although I will go to Nevada and Oregon occassionally. Most all transports are mainly in Northern California, therefore I am not hauling multiple horses at one time unless they are all picked up at the same area. When hauling a horse or horses to a destination I rarely have horses to pickup for the trip back. Short distance hauling can cost a little more than a long haul with multiple horses, however that allows me to be very flexible on short notice. The costs pays for the driver, insurance and fuel and maintenance on the truck and trailer.

Transport round trip under 100 miles is generally $200 per horse.

Hauls beyond a 100 miles is priced at 1.75 per mile round trip

Discounts for multiple horses, call for quote

Emergencies within 24 hours of call are $2.50 per mile round trip. But not less than $200.00

All pricing or costs are based on total milage which is recorded from the time I leave my ranch. All mileage is documented during the trip. I request that you pay at least 50% of the cost up front and the rest at the destination.

I accept cash and cashiers checks, personal checks and paypal are ok for deposit before transport. Personal checks must clear before day of transport. Credit cards ok.


What if I want to go on a local trail ride, is there a cost for you to drop off and comeback? No, not unless you are not staying the night I will give you a 3 hour window to complete your trail ride. I will either take one of my own horses to work or stay at the trailer and do paperwork. Occassionally an emergency call may cause us to improvise it is important that you carry a cell phone at all times so I can contact you.

Will you haul all of the extra tack and hay that I have along with my horse?

Yes, to a point I can haul one tack trunk and a bale of hay per horse.

What size horses can you haul?

The trailer is set up to handle most any size and breed of horse which include minis, ponies, Warmblood-size horses and drafts.

Will you be in contact with me while you have my horse?

Yes! I carry a cell phone and will be in contact with you and any persons necessary on the delivery end of the haul. I will be contacting you when I am within 15 miles of the delivery destination.

My horse has never been in a trailer before, will you still haul him? While it is not my responsibility to train your horse to load into a trailer, I will make every effort to get him to load in a quiet and peaceful manner. What you really need to do is start trailer loading training well in advance of the transport date. If the horse will not load under any circumstance you will be charged for the trip to and from the pickup site. Difficult Loaders will be charged at $50 per half hour.

Do you feed horses in trailer? I suggest you provide your own hay, since this is what your horse is accustomed to. If you wish for your horse to have a special feed while traveling you must supply it. I do provide Busy Buffet haybags which only allows small amounts of hay through the net, but keeps them entertained while traveling. When your horse does not drink enough during transport I remove the hay.

What if we call you during a vehicle breakdown while transporting our horses how do you respond?

If you have a roadside emergency I will make every effort to respond within a reasonable amount of time. If it is a dangerous highway or road situation for transferring horses from your trailer to mine I will setup corral panels to protect the horses from getting out onto the highway while transferring them.

If we are a long way from home where can we keep the horses while our vehicle is repaired? I offer overnight accomodations with full care for your horses while your vehicle is being repaired at a reasonable rate. There are also other horse facilities that maybe closer than my ranch that I correspond with for emergencies.

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